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Privacy policy
Commitment to protect privacy
Air China Cargo briefed as "Air China Cargo" or "We" below) knows profoundly the significance of personal privacy, so we'll commit to make sure that all the personal information collected in this website will be only used in ways regulated by this "Privacy policy".
This privacy policy explains the policy of Air China Cargo when dealing with the personal information might be collected by the website.

The privacy policy of Air China Cargo consists of the following parts:
• The information we collect and the method of data collection
• Data summery
• Children
• How we use your personal data
• How we store your personal data
• How we link with the third party website
• Data security
• Information access
• Changes to privacy policy
• Legal & privacy
The information we collect and the method of data collection
In order to provide you with more convenient freight transportation and better manage our business, we will collect and protect your personal information. Air China Cargo will collect data through multiple channels to better understand and satisfy your demands.

Channels through which we collect information include:
• You- if you have the willing to provide personal information to us.
• Your browser- when you visit our website and carry out interactive communication with us through your browser.
• Other resources, includes relative information you inquired provided by the websites of Air China Cargo partners.
• The personal data we collect through channels above might includes:
• Name, address, and phone number
• Email address, fax number and BP number
• The application of products and services
• Personal data collected by questionnaires, comments collection, and other marketing surveys
• Personal data provided to customer service representatives for survey or problem solution
• Enterprise contract, employer and/or other enterprise unit e.g. employer's name, position, address and contact measure, etc.)
• Others

We will share this information within Air China Cargo and among the third party suppliers. Data sharing can only be applied for the purposes below.
Data summery
Except for the personal data we access when you use our website, we may collect information tracked, for example, the type of your browser, your operating system, internet service supplier's name and web pages you have visited on our website, etc.
As the age of our website's visitor is unable to be identified, we use generalized private policy. If minors provide us personal information without permission from their parents or guardians, we will remove this information when the parents or guardians apply. Air China Cargo will not collect minors' information on purpose.
How we use your personal data
Within the range of applicable law, we may disclose your personal data to the government or the third party according to summons or other legal procedures; and we may use or disclose your personal information within the scope permitted by the law to protect rights & properties of Air China Cargo, customers of Air China Cargo, website of Air China Cargo and customers of the website.

Air China Cargo will not sell any customer data or share your email address with any third party except for the situation regulated by this policy. In order to make our service and product comply with customer's requirements, we may disclose customer's information to Air China Cargo's associated company and/or disassociated third party. We may also disclose your information to the third party e.g. employee) who takes the agency of your discounts or other services purchased, and the disclosed contents are only limited to the service. Besides, Air China Cargo may summarize your personal data and information collected through other ways to provide you with specially tailored products and/or services. Without your clear permission, we will not apply your web browsing information in any marketing except for the anonymous application).

If we sell a business unit to other company, in which your personal data is under application, your data will be transmitted to the purchaser with the business unit, and the purchaser will use your information in the same way. We will not carry out information transmission if the transmission is against the law.
How we store your personal information
The personal information we collect might be transferred and stored in the area outside People's Republic of China in this policy Hong Kong Special Administrative Region & Macau Special Administrative Region excluded), where advanced data protection legislation and is not available. Any employees of Air China Cargo outside P.R. China or employees of the third party suppliers of Air China Cargo may deal with your personal data, and Air China Cargo will take all the necessary reasonable measures to make sure your personal data used securely and applicable to this privacy policy.

Your behavior of providing personal data shows that you agree Air China Cargo to transfer, store and use your personal data with the way regulated by the privacy policy.
Links to the third party website
Air China Cargo will improve your experiencing Air China Cargo website by links to other internet websites. In order to make this links clear and applicable, your browser will open a new window for the link when you click the link. Please be aware that these websites might be owned and operated by other companies and organizations. Air China Cargo will not support any such kind of websites, and will not be responsible for the information, materials, products or services covered by this website or obtained by visiting this website. All the risks brought forth by visiting and using this kind of websites will be taken entirely by you. We will not take the responsibility of your disclosing any information to linked website.

The applicable range of this privacy policy will not cover other websites, and Air China Cargo suggests that you get a clear knowledge of the detailed regulation of this website.
Data security
Air China Cargo will use your information seriously and carefully. Except for all the applicable regulation on data security, we will collect your personal information online by using security encryption system. However, these security measures are not 100% secured, and the personal data are still probable to be intercepted in the course of transferring.
Information access
You may log in our website at any time to check and change your information, such as name, address, telephone number or email address, etc. to maintain your personal data accurate. Others have no right to change or delete the information you release except for such situation as you disclosing your account and password to others or the loss, piracy and changing of the personal data resulted from irresistible force affecting the normal operation of the website in terms of hacker attacks and computer virus etc.
Private policy change
Air China Cargo maintain the right to change the private policy at any time. The latest version of the private policy will be published on the website of Air China Cargo as well as the changing data for your convenience to know the last changing time of the private policy.
Law application
This private policy subjects to the law of P.R of China excluding the law of HKSAR, MSAR and Taiwan region). If the policy be in the conflict with the relative regulation, the regulation will prevail. The privacy policy is separable, the contents of this privacy policy which are ruled to be invalid will not affect the validation of the other contents. The latest date of updating this policy is 2010-2-21.
This policy was last updated on February 21, 2010.