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Brief introduction 

Headquartered in Beijing, Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. (Air China Cargo) takes Shanghai as its main air freighter operation base and is China's only cargo airline operating with the national flag.

Air China Cargo was founded on December 12, 2003. On March 18, 2011, Air China Limited (Air China) and Cathay Pacific Airways Limited (Cathay Pacific) completed a joint venture freight project with Air China Cargo as the platform. The joint venture has a registered capital of 5.235 billion Yuan and over 5,200 employees, with Air China's Chinese and English names as well as its logo unchanged.

Now,Air China Cargo has three B747-400F air freighters, eight B777F air freighters and four B757-200SF air freighters in total, with an average age of 12 years. Besides, Air China Cargo also enjoys the exclusive operation of all airliner bellyholds from Air China.

Based on the logistics resources of China National Aviation Holding Company and Air China, in close cooperation with the world's major air freight depots, Air China Cargo has established a global freight depot support system covering cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York and Osaka, thus being able to offer customers quality services.

By June 2019, Air China Cargo’s flight routes have expanded to 19, including 13 international, 1 regional and 5 domestic routes. The company flies to 8 countries(regions)and 21 cities(including 11 international,1 regional and 9 domestic cities). Meanwhile, Based on Air China's global route network, Air China Cargo has had 773 routes all over the world ( including 139 international, 29 regional and 605 domestic routes ), flies to 41 countries(regions) 197 cities(including 74 international, 3 regional and 120 domestic). Through corporate with star alliance members and other airlines, Air China Cargo expand it’s service further to 193 countries and 1317 destinations. Besides, in Europe, the USA, Japan and the Asia and Pacific Region, Air China Cargo has owned more than 1400 truck routes supplementing its air freighter network and airliner bellyholds network, thereby fast delivering cargo to every corner of the world.

With the development of the company and the requirement of the market, Air China Cargo has successively obtained B777 ETOPS-180 operation capability, Pacific and North Atlantic airspace operation capabilities. In 2018 B757-200SF aircraft passed very-high-altitude airports supplemental certification, Air china Cargo became the first cargo airlines which has qualification for very-high-altitude airports operation in China. In 2019, the company successfully passed CCAR-121-R5 supplemental operation certification, its safety operation capacity has further enhanced. By constantly perfecting its product system, Air China Cargo has developed a wide range of businesses covering expressCare, generalCare+, pharmaCare, coolCare, freshCare, dgCare, gallopCare, tailorCare, secureCare, generalCare and mail, to meet customers' diversified demands.

As an air transport enterprise with a history of over 50 years, Air Cargo China has participated in the initiation and formulation of many civil air freight standards, and built an experienced, professional and devoted staff team, thus being able to provide professional and reliable transport solutions for special cargo.

For many years, Air China Cargo has consciously honored its social commitments and boldly assumed social responsibility. It has successfully accomplished chartered emergency relief missions many times after the outbreak of devastating disasters such as Wenchuan earthquake, Pakistani earthquake, Indian Ocean tsunami, influenza A in Mexico, Chilean earthquake, Japanese earthquake, Ya’an earthquake, Ebola epidemic, Nepal earthquake Nepal earthquake, Ecuador earthquake, Sri Lanka flood and Cuba hurricane,. With the concept of safe, quality and low-carbon operation, Air China Cargo has been concerned about the environment and the future.

With the mission of "creating value for customers, opportunities for employees, return for shareholders and wealth for the society", and the vision of "becoming the preferred cargo airline of customers entering and leaving China", Air China Cargo is striving to become an internationally competitive air freight enterprise based in China.