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Brief Introduction
Beijing Cargo Transportation Station of Air China Cargo consists of international and domestic cargo warehouses. The international storehouse started operating in 2011. It covers a total floor area of 130,000 square meters with warehouse covering 62,000 square meters, annual cargo handling capacity reaching 410,000 tons (in 2012). The domestic warehouse was built in 2006, covering a total floor area of 170,000 square meters with building area of 23,000 square meters. Its annual cargo handling capacity is 460,000 tons (in 2012).

The cargo transportation station mainly undertakes the commercial documents handling, collection and transportation, take-over, weighing, warehousing, assembly and disassembly, loading, delivery, transit, land transportation, information processing and other ground logistics services for international and domestic inward and outward air cargo at Beijing Capital International Airport. At present, it provides air cargo ground handling services for totally 46 international and domestic airlines.

Beijing Cargo Transportation Station of Air China Cargo has modern ground handling facilities for aviation, which are capable of handling super-big and super-heavy air cargo, freezing, refrigeration, hazardous materials, live animals, valuables, air mail and other types of air cargo. The cargo transportation station adopts advanced 24-hour continuous working computer management system. All cargo management information processing is in online operation mode combined with automatic control system, which can realize automatic system classification control for cargo handling.

Beijing Cargo Transportation Station of Air China Cargo earnestly provides customers with competitive services, and is committed to being the most professional air cargo station in the world.
Office Address
  • The international cargo warehouse is located at No.566-16, Shunping Road, Shunyi District, Beijing. It is 5 kilometers north of Terminal T3 of Capital Airport. Its west side is landing field, adjacent to the new customs office building. Its transportation is convenient.
    International Cargo Transportation Station Address
  • The domestic cargo warehouse is located 3.5km southwest of Terminal T1 of Capital Airport. Its east side is Huoyun Road of Capital Airport and adjacent to the cargo transportation station of Capital Airport, and connected with airport expressway. Its transportation is convenient.
    Domestic Cargo Transportation Station Address
Facilities & Equipment
  • Unit load devices and bulk storage system
    Hazardous goods warehouse: International: 928 m2; domestic: 300m2
    Valuables warehouse: International: 48m2; domestic: 299m2
    Refrigeration warehouse: International: 532.8m2 (2~8℃); domestic: 192.98m2(2~8℃)
    Freezing warehouse: International: 219.4m2 (0~-28℃); domestic: 94.56m2(0~-15℃)
    Animal hotel: 143 m2
  • Cargo entering and leaving airport and transit operation
    Inward and outward documents and transit treatment
    Special cargo treatment (hazardous goods, valuables, live animals, fresh, living and perishable goods)
    Station site service
    Unit load device control service
    Truck-airline transshipment service
    Customs information input
    Quick pick-up of international and domestic inward cargo
    Domestic delivery service
    International customs brokerage and delivery service
    Domestic "Quick Express" service
    Express service for outward cargo
    Quick transit service
    International and domestic documents turn-over and direct transition service
    Dry ice filling service
    Unit load device charging service
    Plane-side pick-up
    Warehousing accompany
    House airway bill label and shipping mark change in warehouse
    Weight and volume re-inspection service for outward cargo
    Other relevant consultation services
  • International tracking: 0086-010-64559600
    International inward: 0086-010-64559797
    International outward: 0086-010-64559502
    Domestic tracking: 0086-010-64544123
    Domestic inward: 0086-010-64544109
    Domestic outward: 0086-010-64544108
    Complaint & compensation: 0086-010-64559611
List of Customers
S/N Code AWB Code Full Chinese Name/Full English Name Symbol
1 CA 999 Air China Cargo
2 AA 001 American airlines ITD.
3 AY 105 Finn Air oyj
4 AC 014 Air Canada
5 BR 695 EVA airways corporation
6 CI 297 China Airlines (Taiwan)
7 ET 071 Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise
8 GA 126 Garuda Indonesia
9 HA 173 Hawaii Airlines
10 IR 096 Iran Air
11 J2 501 Azerbaijan Hava Yollary
12 JL 131 JAPAN Airlines
13 JS 120 Air Koryo
14 KA 043 Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited
15 KE 180 Korean Air lines co. ltd.
16 LO 080 LOT-Polish Airlines
17 LH 020 Lufthansa German Airlines
18 MS 077 Egyptair
19 MK 239 Air Mauritius
20 NX 675 Air Macau company limited
21 OS 257 Austrian Airlines
22 OZ 988 Asiana Airlines inc.
23 OM 289 MIAT-Mongolian Airlines
24 PK 214 Pakistan International Airlines
25 QR 157 Qatar Airways
26 SK 117 Scandinavian Airlines system(SAS)
27 TG 217 THAI AIRWAYS international public company ltd.
28 UA 016 United Airlines,inc.
29 UN 670 Transaero Airlines
30 U6 262 Ural Airlines
31 VN 738 Vietanam Airlines corp.
32 4B 210 AVIASTAR-TU Airlines
33 Z2 457 Bravo Air Congo Brazzaville
34 LX 724 Swiss International Air Lines
35 MH 232 Malaysia Airlines System Berhad
36 NH 205 All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd
37 SA 083 South African Airways
38 SU 555 Aeroflot Russian Airlines
39 TK 235 Turkish Airlines
40 E3 497 Domodedovo Airlines joint stock aircompany
41 H8 560 Dalavia-Far East Airways
42 LT 266 LTU International Airways
43 JQ 081 Jet star Airways Pty Limited
44 NZ 086 Air New Zealand ltd.
45 QF 081 Qantas Airways ltd.
46 XF 277 Vladivostok Air
47 5X 406 United Parcel Service
48 7B 499 Krasnoyarsk Airlines(Kras Air)
49 W5 537 Mahan Airways
50   999  
51   999 Dalian Airlines
52 SC 324 Shandong Airlines
53 ZH 479 Shenzhen Airlines
54 HO 018 Juneyao Airlines Co.,Ltd.
55 O3 921 SF Airlines
56 DZ 893 Shenzhen Donghai Airlines Co.,Ltd.
57 Y8 871 Yangtze River Express Co.,Ltd
58 TV 999 Tiber Airlines Co.,Ltd
59 3U 876 Sichuan Airlines co. ltd.
60 8Y 804 China Postal Airlines
61 NS 836 Northeastern Airlines CO.Ltd.
62 GJ 891 ZheJiang Loong Airlines Co., Ltd
63 QW 912 QingDao Airlines Co.,Ltd