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Product Introduction
This is a kind of series services carrying out cargo transport with shipping space of the whole aircraft based on agreed conditions and freight rate by signing contract of charter flight transport. It is especially applicable for large batch cargo that is overweight and oversize in bellyhold of passenger aircraft and with special operating requirements. It is applicable for various cargoes defined by national laws as well as regulations and policies of IATA and CAAC, including but not limited to large batch cargo that is overweight and oversize in bellyhold of passenger aircraft and with special operating requirements, for example, oversize and overweight complete set production line, instrument, equipment, general goods, police &military supplies, disaster relief materials, dangerous goods, valuable goods, living animals, and fresh and perishable goods etc.
Service Standard
  • Time limit for application:
  • The charterer shall put forward written application for charter flight as early as possible, generally 20 days preflight. The time limit for charter flight application can be properly adjusted according to explanation of carrier and differences of airlines and flight time.
  • Time limit for consignment (preflight):
  • Consigned according to agreements
  • Time limit for taking delivery (after flight):
  • aking delivery according to agreements
  • Special security:
  • Rich aircraft type, flight time, and air line resources.
    Professional teams for providing transport program and consultation service for free.
    Special person is responsible for guidance and assistance in consigning procedure.
    Transmit information of each key link of operation flow duly and actively.
    Provide loading and unloading monitoring service.
Notes For Charter Flight
  • 1)
  • The charterer shall submit application for charter flight to carrier with letter of introduction or personal valid identity documents.
  • 2)
  • Application of charterer shall include detailed information of cargo to be shipped: product name, quantity of pieces, weight, dimension, volume, origin stop, destination, and special operation requirements etc.
  • 3)
  • Charge for charter flight shall include ground service fees for ground transport, loading and unloading of cargo between ground and aircraft, but expenses such as ground transport between origin stop and destination, loading/unloading of cargo containers, and customs inspection and duties shall be handled and assumed by the charterer itself, and such expenses shall not be considered in the charge for charter flight.
  • 4)
  • The charterer shall comply with and ensure all list cargo conforming to all laws of landing state of charter flight in terms of customs, public security, public health, and customs entry and clearance, and shall pay all expenses according to relevant regulations.
All the services mentioned below are provided according to the general quality of Air China Cargo which might be different subject to the variation of local stations’ regulation and customs. Please contact the local offices of Air China Cargo for free consultation of transportation services.