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Legal Statement
The Legal Statement shall be applicable to all contents of (i.e. the Website) and electronic correspondences between users and Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. The Website is for users above 18 years. The Website is owned and operated by Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. It is deemed that you have already accepted the Legal Statement and Privacy Policy hereof when you get access to the services provided hereby. Please do not access the Website if you have any discrepancy with regard to any content contained in the Legal Statement and/or Privacy Policy.
Intellectual Property
Unless otherwise stated, intellectual property of all related items including copyright, design, trademark, marking, software and all proprietary data as well as any information concerning business, marketing, technology and others incorporated herein, including but not limited to photographs, figures and images, shall all form and belong to exclusive rights and proprietary property of Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. and/or its licensor and/or its suppliers. All contents herein shall not represent or imply any transfer of any above-mentioned rights or license.

The Website shall only be used for the purpose of yourself and non-commercial purposes. Unless otherwise within the scope permitted by applicable laws, it is not allowed to use, copy, modify, send, store, issue, sell, communicate or distribute any relevant information hereof, or generate other information with utilization of relevant information herein.
Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. will review and update the information herein but not promise to do so. Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. may at any time change information on the Website or information of products and their prices described on the Website. Therefore, some information of the Website may have been changed and/or outdated. Please note that Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. shall not assume any responsibility or compensation liability for, and shall not provide any guarantee to timeliness, accuracy and/or completeness of information provided hereby. In addition, Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. shall not assume any responsibility or compensation liability for the consequences caused by access to the Website, including but not limited to loss or damage due to virus infection of your computer equipment, software, data or other properties resulted from your visit, use, browse of the Website or from downloading of any material of the Website or that of websites linked hereto. Moreover, Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. shall not guarantee that the Website will meet your demand. Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. shall not guarantee that the Website will not be disconnected or under fault conditions, shall not guarantee that the fault can be renovated, and shall not guarantee server of the Website or server providing service to the Website will not be attacked by virus or program error, and shall not guarantee the complete functionality, accuracy and reliability of information provided hereby. If service of the Website is suspended due to malfunction, system maintenance and upgrading or force majeure, Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. shall not assume any responsibility for any inconvenience or loss caused during the period of service suspension.
Link with Third Party’s Website
The Website may include links or reference materials which are maintained by third-party websites. The links hereto are only for users’ convenience. Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. is unable to control or to be responsible for contents or availability of the third parties’ websites linked hereto. Some information and quoted prices are provided independently by our partners. Please note that relevant provisions issued by our partners shall be applicable to these services and quoted prices, and the links hereto shall not constitute suggestions or guarantees that Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. makes for the contents of these websites or related statements. Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. shall not be responsible for contents of the linked websites. If users decide to access any website linked hereto, the users shall assume relevant risks by themselves and shall take all responsibilities for use of third-party links and references.

Any third party with intention to establish link with the Website shall notify Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. its intention of link in writing in advance. Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. shall reserve the right to refuse any request for link with the Website. However, even through Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. issues written permission for link with the Website, Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. shall not assume any responsibility for the link thereof.
Individual Information
Collection and use of individual information about users of the Website shall comply with relevant stipulations in the Privacy Policy hereof. Please refer to relevant detailed information contained in the document for details.
Notice of Infringement
If any user finds that any information herein or any third-party link or reference hereto infringes upon its legal rights, the user shall send prior written notice of infringement to Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. The notice of infringement shall be accompanied by specific information and page location of relevant content, copies of identity card of the notifier or registration documents, contact information of the notifier and certification of legal rights of the notifier, and all of these shall be signed by the notifier or be affixed with official seal. Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. will take measures to remove or change relevant contents in accordance with legal provisions and governmental regulatory documents upon receiving the notice of infringement. Please note that if there is discrepancy between the statement in your notice of infringement and the fact, you shall assume all legal liabilities arising therefrom, including but not limited to compensation for loss, all kinds of expenses and attorney fee. If you do not ensure whether relevant content infringes your legal rights or not, please consult a professional in advance.
Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. shall be entitled to, at its own discretion, change any content or clause herein at any time without prior notice. Latest version of website contents and clauses can be referred to on the Website. As clauses of the Website may be changed or updated, please read the clauses carefully whenever you visit the Website. Please note that these clauses are for reference by the users, and the users shall be responsible for making continuous and periodic reference to these clauses. Any user's continuous use of the Website upon change of website contents shall be deemed that the user has accepted such change and has agreed to be bound by the revised clauses.
Governing Law and Dispute Settlement
The Website and the Legal Statement hereof shall be governed by laws of the Peoples’ Republic of China (for the purpose of the Statement, laws of the HongKong Special Administration Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan shall be excluded). If there is any discrepancy between the Statement and applicable laws, the latter shall prevail. The Legal Statement is severable; clauses judged or determined invalid shall not affect validity of other clauses. Any dispute in connection with or arising from the Website shall firstly be settled through friendly negotiation; if agreement can not be reached through negotiation, it shall be submitted to Beijing Arbitration Commission for arbitration in accordance with current valid rules of the commission at the time of submitting the dispute for arbitration. Place of arbitration shall be Beijing and language shall be Chinese. Arbitration award shall be final and shall be binding on both parties.
Latest update date of the Statement is February 21, 2010.